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Are you able to extract timely, accurate, and incisive information from your ERP system and other company software in order to make critical business decisions? In many cases, the answer is “NO”. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in custom report and database development. Over the years, we have created custom reports and integrated database applications for our clients using Access, Crystal Reports, Excel, Sage Intelligence Reporting, and QuickBooks Statement Writer that can be linked to data in your accounting system and other systems. These custom reports and integrated database applications provide our clients with current consolidated information, eliminating the time consuming and often error prone process of migrating information from one place to another.

Sometimes out of the box software, even with consideration of a program modification, is just not flexible enough to meet all the unique needs of your specific business.  After a careful analysis to isolate the form and content of the information that will be necessary to fulfill your additional requirements, our custom database development services can assist you with the creation of a functional and user-friendly system that will complement your existing accounting, ERP or manufacturing system.  Such a database may be programmed to function as a standalone application or, if appropriate, the database may be constructed to integrate directly with your existing systems, passing information back and forth and significantly increasing your reporting capabilities.  In either instance the result will be a complete snapshot of your unique business.

Business intelligence (BI) is a generic term associated with transforming voluminous raw business data into useful and actionable information.  It provides intelligence that extends beyond traditional financial and operational reporting. These reports are then used to enable business strategies, decision making, and business planning which often provides astute adopters with a competitive market advantage. Our consultants can help you obtain this competitive market advantage through custom designed reports using Access, Crystal Reports, Excel, Sage Intelligence Reporting, and QuickBooks Statement Writer that link to the data in your accounting system. These custom reports save your company time and money by providing you with the information you need to make important financial decisions and eliminate the task of cutting and pasting information into spreadsheets every month.

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