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At Marc Mintz & Associates, we specialize in accounting, time tracking, and CRM solutions for small to medium size companies and provide a full range of services from installation to custom report creation.



icon_installationInstallation & Upgrades

The proper installation and upgrade of your software is essential.  Our highly trained technology consultants are certified on the products we sell and support and can ensure that your installation and upgrade conform with the latest best practice recommendations from the software developer.



Our founder, Marc Mintz, is uniquely qualified to assist your company with its automated accounting system. Marc is not only a Certified Public Accountant but also received the prestigious Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) designation from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). With our comprehensive technology survey, we can help you select the most cost effective solutions for your business, giving consideration to flexibility and options for future expansion.

In addition to the products we specialize in, we can perform an independent software review to help you select and evaluate industry specific software applications.  Our evaluation considers both the long and short term costs of choosing SaaS (Software as a Service) or locally installed applications.



The best technology solutions must be melded with the best trained users. At Marc Mintz & Associates, we train your employees to work more efficiently and use the technology to its full potential. We can also supply your employees with a custom user guide that provides step by step instructions required to perform activities specific to your company’s work flow.


icon_programProgram Modifications

Think of program modifications as iPad Apps for your business systems.  Depending upon your software, there may be third party applications developed exclusively to expand or fill the gaps in your basic software program. These third party applications make your business more productive by adding features that are specific to your workflow and unique business processes. Our expertise can assist you by researching, testing, selecting and implementing the appropriate modifications to suit your needs.


icon_customCustom Reports & Business Intelligence Reporting

Off the shelf software doesn’t always provide you with the reports you are looking for. We can create custom reports using Access, Crystal Reports, Excel, Microsoft Power BI, Sage Intelligence Reporting, and QuickBooks Advanced Reporting that link to the data in your accounting system. These custom reports save your company time and money by providing you with the information you need to make important financial decisions and eliminate the task of cutting and pasting information into spreadsheets every month.


icon_customformsCustom Forms

Many accounting packages provide the opportunity to customize or create the content and format of a wide variety of business forms.  Allow us to help you present your most creative self to your business associates with custom developed order forms, invoices, statements, purchase orders and checks.


icon_databaseDatabase Development

Sometimes out of the box software, even with consideration of a program modification, is just not flexible enough to meet all the unique needs of your specific business.  After a careful analysis to isolate the form and content of the information that will be necessary to fulfill your additional requirements, our custom database development services can assist you with the creation of a functional and user-friendly system that will complement your existing accounting, ERP or manufacturing system.  Such a database may be programmed to function as a standalone application or, if appropriate, the database may be constructed to integrate directly with your existing systems, passing information back and forth and significantly increasing your reporting capabilities.  In either instance the result will be a complete snapshot of your unique business.


icon_emailEmail & Drip Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to stay top of mind with your customers & clients. Our consultants can create professional custom email templates and train your employees to launch successful email marketing campaigns. Our Swiftpage e-marketing solution is fully integrated with ACT! and allows you to add drip marketing to your arsenal of internet marketing tools. Our consultants can also create custom templates in Constant Contact and Vertical Response and train your employees on the use of these two very popular email marketing services.


icon_bamBusiness Activity Monitoring

Every company has critical information and transactions that need monitoring. Often important events, and non-events, are tracked haphazardly in an inconsistent and non-systematic manner. Business Activity Monitoring is a fully automated electronic “smoke detector” which keeps a watchful eye on important events (and non-events) and automatically sends the appropriate alerts and notifications to both employees and outside parties. Our expert consultants are certified in the installation, configuration, and support of KnowledgeSync, a best in class business activity monitoring application. Our process begins by working with key employees to identify critical activities that require monitoring. Our next step is to determine the exceptions to these activities which will trigger a response. Finally, we decide on the appropriate responses which can include alerts via email, text, fax or the delivery of reports, forms & documents. Once KnowledgeSync is activated we work with your organization to refine, streamline and develop additional alerts so important insights are identified swiftly and inadequacies are acted upon consistently and instantaneously.


icon_platformPlatform Selection

Personal computers, local area networks, iPads, smartphones, and laptops…what is the right combination of hardware, software, apps, and services to ensure your business is successful in today’s competitive marketplace? For over 30 years, our firm has been assisting clients with these critical decisions in a complex and always changing technology marketplace. With our comprehensive company survey, we take the mystery out of the cloud and identify the technology solutions that are right for your unique business.